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Frugal Magazine

by Frugal Simplicity

We now have a new site, Frugal Magazine, that we are slowly migrating all of our frugal living sites to – along with our coupon site, tightwad site, and freebies site. 

Because of the move, we will (for the most part) not be updating this site, but rather be posting to Frugal Magazine at

In the near future, we will also be putting out the print magazine for Frugal Magazine. The print issues will feature various frugal living topics, frugal living ideas, frugal recipes, etc.  Some issues will be strickly one frugal topic, such as only frugal recipes or frugal decorating.  more on this when we are ready to roll this out.

So please check out our new Frugal Magazine site and be sure to LIKE our Frugal Magazine Facebook page also.  The new site is where the latest frugal living news and information will be posted. 




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