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Craft Ideas that Sell Easily

by Frugal Simplicity

Craft Ideas that Sell Easily

As it gets closer to Christmas, countless people start thinking about ways to make some extra cash for the holiday. Many are looking for craft ideas that sell easily because there are crafts fairs or bazaars where they can set up. While selling crafts may be a good way to bring in money before the holiday, if you wait until just before Christmas to start making crafts, you have probably started too late.

However, if you’re serious about making crafts which sell easily, think about what crafts you love to make and that people give you compliments about. If you choose to make a craft simply because it sells well, you’ll soon lose interest. Without a sufficient quantity to begin with, there’s no sense in setting up a booth or table to try to sell your work.

Think about things that are useful. Hand-crocheted dishcloths are often a good seller in many areas. Handmade jewelry is another item which might sell well. Homemade handbags are particularly popular with women in some areas of the country.

While you’re at it, think about things men could use. They’re usually dragged around crafts fairs by their partners and rarely find anything for themselves. If they find a handmade hunting vest with plenty of pockets or bullet holders, they’d probably snatch it up. They might also be interested in masculine-looking jewelry.

Hand-dipped candles are also usually a good seller. Candles aren’t difficult to make but they do take quite a bit of time to do. If you choose to decorate them it will take a little longer.

Handmade soap is a great seller at most crafts fairs or bazaars. Make some which are geared toward women using feminine scents such as floral or citrus. You’ll also want to have some masculine-smelling soap available for the men in the family.

Walking sticks are fairly easy to make as well. Go for a hike and pick up unusual, sturdy sticks. Strip the outer layer of bark off of them. Then you can put a finish on them and place rubber tips on the ends. If you’re very good at carving you could also carve an image before putting a finish on them.

Find crafts which are easy to make which will enable you to have a good quantity built up before a craft show, fair or bazaar. The more items you have on-hand, the more items you can sell in one day or over the course of a weekend. You may also choose to make something which can be made while you’re at the craft fair. By doing this, you’ll be replenishing your stock during the slow times.

Embellish inexpensive flip flops. Even though many people are thinking about Christmas, they can still buy for the holidays, and flip flops are a popular item. Add ribbons, flowers, charms or gem stones with hot glue. Take advantage of end of the season sales to purchase the flip flops; many can be bought for around $1 per pair.

When considering craft ideas that sell easily, think about the things you like. Chances are if you look for certain types of crafts others will, too. Once you’ve determined which craft to make and sell, be sure to make a good quantity so you have plenty to sell to the masses.

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